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Role summary
To design and operate network systems

Tasks and responsibilities
- Manage Corporate customers connections (installation, upgrade/downgrade, troubleshooting, opening tickets ...).
- Monitor the Company's backbone and data networks.
- Perform network design for best performance and good redundancy.
- Install, upgrade and commission network equipment (DSLAMs, BRAS, routers and switches IOS ...), make sure they conform to required specifications, and monitor quality of service.
- Handle security issues like denying attacks: DOS, DDOS, TCP Syn ...
- Troubleshoot reported network problems.
- Install and configure network monitoring tools.
- Perform site surveys upon request.


Role summary
To manage the Technical Support Unit and improve the quality of service of all Residential services.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Distribute the tasks and responsibilities within the Call Center and set appropriate procedures.
- Monitor daily operations making sure all is being done on time and according to standard procedures.
- Resolve agents’ inquiries and escalated customers’ cases.
- Conduct performance reviews, team meetings and coaching sessions.
- Conduct frequent tests and perform quality control on all residential services.
- Manage the workshop unit.
- Perform recruitment and resource management.
- Execute analytical studies and assist in the development of new Internet services.
- Submit weekly/monthly statistics and Call Center KPIs to Management.


Role summary
To resolve technical problems for residential services

Tasks and responsibilities
- Handle Customers' requests and provide technical support for residential services
- Troubleshoot and resolve customers' technical inquiries over the phone
- Communicate with customers to provide and process information in response to technical concerns
- Conduct various testings for products and services and deliver detailed reports upon request
- Follow up on technical tickets and participate in the escalation process


Role summary
Perform variety of accounting tasks related to assigned area of responsibility, assist in the follow-ups with clients and suppliers and handle the filing related to the Accounting department.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Perform various data entries on the Company’s accounting system.
- Issue Statements of Accounts from the system and send them to appropriate parties (customers/suppliers).
- Assist in the follow-up with customers for collection.
- Handle the filing and archiving of the Accounting department.