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Role summary
Assist the Commercial Director in achieving sales objectives, manage corporate sales team and make sure they adhere to the company’s policies and procedures.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Manage and motivate the corporate sales team in order to achieve the overall corporate sales objectives.
- Generate sales opportunities by identifying appropriate business targets.
- Participate in the innovation process by investigating and proposing new Internet and Value Added Services to offer to SMEs and large businesses.
- Ensure an excellent level of customer service and strong relationship with existing and new customers.
- Develop competitive analysis to assist in the design of the commercial strategy.
- Coordinate with the Technical Department to ensure satisfactory delivery of services.
- Make sure Corporate Sales team adheres to Company’s policies and procedures.
- Assist the Commercial Director in handling human resources issues related to Corporate Sales team.
- Ensure regular and proper reporting related to Sales activity.


Role summary
Provide on-site support to Residential Customers.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Provide service and technical support to customers during field visits.
- Configure and install CPEs at the customer premises.
- Check unsolved cases escalated by Technical Support Agents and respond according to procedures.
- Diagnose errors or technical problems and determine proper solutions.
- Submit timely and detailed service reports to the Outdoor Support Supervisor.


Role summary
To resolve technical problems for residential services

Tasks and responsibilities
- Handle Customers' requests and provide technical support for residential services
- Troubleshoot and resolve customers' technical inquiries over the phone
- Communicate with customers to provide and process information in response to technical concerns
- Conduct various testings for products and services and deliver detailed reports upon request
- Follow up on technical tickets and participate in the escalation process


Role summary
To design the deployment of network systems

Tasks and responsibilities
- Manage Corporate customers connections (install, upgrade/downgrade, troubleshoot, open tickets ...).
- Monitor Sodetel' backbone network.
- Perform network design for best performance and good redundancy.
- Upgrade network equipment (routers and switches IOS ...).
- Handle security issues like denying attacks: DOS, DDOS, TCP Syn ...
- Troubleshoot reported network problems.
- Install and configure network monitoring tools.
- Install and configure satellite receivers.


Role summary
To develop and administer various types of applications used by the Company.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Design and implement projects involving database, programming, billing, business applications and I/O programs.
- Develop and maintain the Company’s Billing and in-house applications.
- Develop and maintain the Company’s website and internal web applications.
- Investigate, troubleshoot and solve reported problems.


Role summary
Administer and develop the Company's ERP System and related tools, and work on the integration between the ERP and other internal systems.

Tasks and responsibilities
- Develop and support the integration between the Company's ERP and other internal systems.
- Develop ERP-related tools.
- Customize and develop new forms and reports.
- Maintain SQL Database.
- Assist with workflow redesign and procedural changes.
- Prepare technical documentation.
- Provide regular status reports on current integration projects.
- Assist with company-wide projects as requested.
- Perform other related duties as assigned by management.