Value added services

In addition to our main Residential and Business Internet service offerings, we offer two additional value-added services. These services are popular among web developers, system administrators and IT managers, keen on focusing on the content instead of the infrastructure maintenance.

This is especially useful for anyone who wants to access their data from multiple locations, and experience the best local latency in Lebanon, as well as Internationally.

Sodetel’s Next Generation Firewall provides an extra line of defense for your network, delivering all necessary functions to address the new threat landscape.
Work with Sodetel to set up wireless hotspots accessible for your customers or your guests. Our services will help you keep your clients coming back.
Our managed internet service allows businesses across Lebanon to relax knowing that their connection has all the support needed.
The best cloud services in Lebanon are made possible by our data center infrastructure, with great uptime and fast connections.
We provide custom domain names with .com or .lb addresses. With our web hosting packages you also receive 5 free email addresses with anti-spam and anti-virus protections.
 Colocation services provide physical hosting and Internet connection for your drives and servers, allowing you to store data for easy remote access wherever you are.