Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited Plan customers have the comfort of knowing that no matter how much data they use in a billing cycle (and there are no quota limits), they will never be subject to overage charges and will pay a single monthly flat rate. That is the essential promise of an Unlimited Plan. 

However, when subject to network management practices, Sodetel reserves the right to take all necessary measures to prevent illegal and improper use of its Internet services in support of its quality and client satisfaction. Such improper use often results in abusing the shared network between the customers, which may affect the quality especially during peak hours. 

To avoid this and to ensure the quality that Sodetel stands for, if a customer is subscribed to the Unlimited plan and has shown abusive behavior of the service, he or she may experience reduced data speeds during peak usage periods as compared to other customers.  The abusive behavior is considered reached when the consumption exceeds substantially the average consumption of subscribers for the plan. Once the subscriber’s global consumption goes back to normal levels, the Fair Usage Policy is automatically revoked and the full speed for the subscribed plan in restored. 

Very few subscribers who make inappropriate use of the service will however be affected by this policy.